Introducing the fruits of 

Jinhan's efforts and 

the journey we have taken 

for new challenges.

 About Us 

Introducing the fruits of Jinhan's efforts and the journey we have taken for new challenges.


Company Introduction

Jinhan Food Co., Ltd., a food company that inherits and develops the taste and 
life style of Korea.

Jinhan Food Co., Ltd., inherits traditional food and strives to ensure that its taste continues for generations. Furthermore, 

Jinhan Food Co., Ltd., always strives for harmonious communication 

with the world as a way to 

share food culture.

production line

Through strict system 

management and hygienic manufacturing process based on HACCP Jinhan makes safe and clean food.

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Product development

Jinhan operates its own 

laboratory and development room, 

and always researches to make delicious, nutritious and safe foods.

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Jinhan Food's brand, Charmstory and Jinhan symbolically represent the direction Jinhan Foods should go forward.

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Certification details

Jinhan Food Co., Ltd. will make more efforts to become an honest and reliable company.

In order to protect the most basic hygiene in food manufacturing, Jinhan operates not only with HACCP but also ISO22000 certification.

Designated as HACCP by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (instant cooked food)

Designated as HACCP for livestock by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (meat processing industry)

ISO22000 certificate

Gyeonggi-do promising small business certificate

Gyeonggi Regional Small and Medium Business Citation

Gyeonggi export promising small business designation

Trademark service registration certificate

Certificate of company affiliated research institute